How to Create the Perfect Book Nook

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Hey Friends! Wanna learn how to create the PERFECT book nook for your kids?! Im going to break down all the things I do every season/holiday to create shelfies in my kids’ book nooks. I’ll also share some tips on how to keep the costs down if you are on a budget. If you are interested in creating a magical memory making space for your littles, just keep reading.

Books are a big deal in my family. Like a really big deal! My mother worked for Random House when I was a kid, so my house was always filled with books. I can remember running through their warehouse and being able to pick up anything I wanted and bring boxes and boxes of books home. We had 2 big wooden bookshelves, my headboard was a bookshelf, anything could be a bookshelf in our house. 

I learned to read when I was 4 years old and once I started, I was always reading. I loved the feel of the paper and the smell of books that had been sitting on a bookshelf for years. Sifting through the shelves of a library for hours on end was my happy place. I read so much and had access to so many books that I learned to read through them very quickly. I would read an entire novel, like a book from The Babysitters Club in one day. I loved to read series and would sit in my comfy space in my room and read.

Now that I am living that #momlife, I have levelled that up for my children, and you can too. Here is how I create the perfect book nooks for my kids.

1: Find a space in their room where you can hang 2 small shelves. I got both sets of ours from Ikea and they were quite affordable.

2: Add a cute chair or a couple large pillows for them to get comfy. I used dog beds from a pet store when creating this space for my nephews when they were little. 

3: Add a seasonal/holiday pillow. I buy these anywhere from Dollarama to my grocery store, to Homesense. Choose whichever fits your budget.

4: Start a seasonal/holiday book collection. My first year of creating book nooks, I asked my mom to help me start a collection for my kids (which of course she loved doing). Every year I buy 1 or 2 new books to add to their collection. I usually buy books from Amazon, Homesense or Dollarama but the more affordable way to add books to your shelfie is to get them at the library. We started doing this, this year and it has absolutely helped keep costs down.

5: Lay the books out on the shelves and add the decorations. I always like to add a festive garland. These can be found on Amazon or at Homesense. You can also add signs to fill in space. I buy them from Dollarama, Dollar Tree, or Chalk Designs By Me.

When that season or holiday is over, I put the books away with the rest of the decorations from that time. This way, when I bring the books back out the next year, the kids feel like they are new again. 

I have lists of books on my Amazon Storefront page to match with every holiday coming up, if you need recommendations. 

I’ll catch up with you soon! Byeee!