Summer Car Essentials


Summer Car Essentials

Hey Friends! Summertime is quickly approaching and with it comes the countless days at every single park around the community. Sometimes we have super well planned out park days and other times we stop if we spot a really cool looking park while driving by it. And while the kids absolutely love a spontaneous park visit there’s one thing for sure, we always need SOMETHING we do not have. Sometimes the kids are wearing the wrong shoes, other times they have a sand pit with no sand toys to use. I have solved this problem by making my family a Car Essential Bin that stays in the trunk of my car and has anything we would need for an impromptu park visit. It is super affordable for you to make as once again, everything is from the Dollarama and can be customized to what you need for your family. Today I am sharing what is in my family’s Car Essential Bin.

  1. A small laundry basket to hold all the things. My basket is plastic and has holes in it so that sand and dirt can be easily removed.
  2. A blanket for lying out or having a picnic.
  3. BUBBLES! This one is a no brainer. I’ve got bubbles, and lots of em!
  4. A sand bucket with a shovel and rake. The one I got also came with a couple of animal molds.
  5. An assortment of balls and things to throw. We have a mini soccer ball, a foam football, and a frisbee.
  6. A skipping rope. This one is great because my kids cannot jump rope yet but it can still be used for the starting line of a race, or a limbo pole or a throwing line. It will just continue to grow with them as they get older.
  7. Chalk. We live in a place where there is no where to draw with chalk, so this is very fun for the kids.
  8. A game. I chose ring toss but you could easily put a t-ball set or small corn hole instead.
  9. Sun hats and flip-flops. These have both come in handy PLENTY of times already!
  10. Baby wipes for the messes the kiddos are sure to make.
  11. And last but not least, a small zip pouch with sunscreen, band aids and a small speaker.

We have had our summer car essential bin for a few weeks now and it has helped not just in park situations but also when we have gone over to friends’ or family’s houses that do not have kid’s toys. They have used the items in backyards, front yards and driveways and have stayed entertained for literal hours.

This bin will be perfect for your family as well because it is so customizable. If you are prone to picnics, you might add a cooler bag or wooden cutlery. If you get rainy season in the summer where you live, you might consider putting in ponchos or rain boots for all the muddy puddles! #IYKYK

I’ll catch up with you soon! BYEEE!