10 Cheap Summer Activities for Kids


10 Cheap Summer Activities for Kids

Hey Friends! The year so far has gone by in a blink of an eye and while springtime has meant that the little ones and I are now working through my list of springtime activities, it’s also time to start planning for things to do in summer. A great way to encourage spontaneous trips and activities is by having a Car Essential Bin with a bunch of summer essentials that include things like summer hats, flip flops and bubbles. 

What I really love about summer though is the number of different summer festivals and events that occur all around Toronto. I find they are a great way to start exposing my children to different types of music, foods, and cultures. The best part is that not all these summer experiences have to cost the earth. 

Read on for my top 10 cheap summer activities for kids.

  • Visits to Local Parks

Sure, we do this in the springtime too. But visiting parks can be so much fun. This summer I’m going to cast the net wider and take them to new parks that are further away from home than the ones we have been visiting until now. Exploring new places keeps the outdoors fresh, exciting, and drives their curiosity. 

  • Picnics in the Backyard

There are days when it gets so hot, the last thing you want to do is leave the comfort of your own home. As a mom of two little ones, the chores are endless too. A picnic lunch can turn even those mundane days into memorable ones. Pack a picnic basket with sandwiches and cold drinks, just like you would if you were actually going somewhere. Lay out your favourite checkered blanket in a shady spot in your backyard and dine al fresco. 

The trick is to not do it too often, so it still feels like a special treat. 

  • The Zoo

A day out at the zoo is always fun and keeps conversation going for days. The Toronto Zoo has plenty of events and activities all summer long including the Xplorers Booklet with plenty of fun activities for the kids to complete while you spend your day there.

  • Summer Movie Nights

You’re never too young to enjoy a movie under the stars. The Mississauga Celebration Square is hosting free movie nights every Thursday with family-friendly movies like Clifford the Big Red Dog and the Lorax. I know it’s and experience Luna and Maverick are going to be talking about for a long time, although chances are they’ll fall asleep somewhere towards the end of the movie. I’m packing extra blankets to wrap them up in.

  • Waterpark at Home

Luna and Maverick love the waterpark. So, I’m going to make them a mini one at home with a paddle pool, some DIY pool noodle sprinklers and a slip and slide for hours of fun.

  • Food Festivals

Food festivals are a great way for kids to try new foods and really open up their palates and curiosity. There are plenty of food festivals around Toronto including the Food Truck Festival where I know I’ll find something new for them to try and like! 

  • A Bike Parade

This one includes indoor crafts and outdoor play. Have the children make little decorations for their bikes or tricycles and have a parade around the neighbourhood. I’m going to ask some of their friends to get in on the fun too!

  • Make a Bird Feeder

There are plenty of DIY bird feeder tips out there on the internet. I particularly like pinecone bird feeders. Simply tie a piece of string to the tip of a pinecone. Make a slightly runny mixture of peanut butter and butter and thoroughly cover the pinecone in it. Roll the pinecones in birdseed and then hang them up around your garden.

  • Join a Library

You know we love books in this family and our little book nooks are constantly overflowing. Joining the local library not only keeps the entire family supplied with books for the summer but there are plenty of activities for kids offered by them too. 

  • Homemade Popsicles

It’s a summer ritual that every kid enjoys. Make popsicles using fresh fruits, coconut milk, and more. The kids will love making them and eating them too.

I hope this helps you keep your children entertained over the summer and don’t forget to let me know about the ones you enjoyed the most.

I’ll catch up with you soon! Byeee!