Try the Mother and Daughter Scrunchies Collection

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Try the Mother and Daughter Scrunchies Collection

Hey Friends! As you all know, one of my favourite days of the year is just around the corner – Mother’s Day! While I love being a stay-at-home mom to Luna and Maverick, and wouldn’t trade it for the world, it’s really nice to have that one day a year that’s all about ‘mom’. It should be declared a national holiday, don’t you think? 

Anyway, hopefully the little ones are hard at work (in secret, of course) making those Mother’s Day cards and are planning a few nice presents with the other adults in their lives. If the adults need some hints, just send them over to my Instagram page or my amazing affiliates for some Mother’s Day gift ideas you know you’ll love. 

Treat Your Little Ones to Mother’s Day Gifts 

Well, I wouldn’t be a mama without Luna and Maverick, so I’m thinking of getting both of them a little something this Mother’s Day too. Because they are still little, they love matching with mama. So, I’m going to take advantage of that to get some great pictures for our photo albums. Those pictures are going to be my Mama’s Day gift to myself. 

Matching Mama and Son Caps

Maverick isn’t going to be tiny for much longer. Those years do fly by fast. I’m going to pick up matching mama and son baseball caps for our mini Mother’s Day photoshoot. These caps on Etsy really caught my eye. 

Matching Mama and Mini Scrunchies 

I’m really excited about this one. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of handmade creations, which is why I have a TON of scrunchies from Bebes Bowtique Designs. This time around, I actually got to put something special together for Mother’s Day with them.

I’ve collaborated with Brittany from Bebes Bowtique Designs for a special Mother’s Day collection of gorgeous, matching cotton sailor bows and scrunchies. Each set will come with two scrunchies and two sailor bows for Mama and Mini matching. 

There are two patterns that capture that special bond that every mum has with her daughter. They are named the Brittany and the Shelly (I’m honoured!).

The Brittany: This pattern is a lovely light beige with a delicate white flower pattern that is fun, playful and full of life – just like a mother-daughter relationship.

The Shelly: The Shelly is a gentle baby pink pinstripe that represents the love you’ll always share with your baby girl – whether she’s going through a princess phase, or all grown up ruling a boardroom. 

These sets are all hand made with 100% premium cotton by Art Gallery from Prairie Love Knits.

You can purchase them on the Bebes Bowtique Designs website. Order them soon, so you have them in time for your own Mother’s Day photoshoot. I’ll share pictures with Luna and me with our matching scrunchies and sailor bows after Mother’s Day and don’t forget to share your pics too!

I’ll catch up with you soon! Byeee!