I have been following Mrs. Shelly Sus’ instagram and YouTube channel from the beginning. Her IG is motivational, inspiring and so aesthetically pleasing! As a Mama and Wife, I can appreciate all the content daily! I find myself watching her stories to get ideas on recipes, what to buy, kid friendly foods and activities. I love the cameos of her children and hubby every now and again too! Her YouTube channel is phenomenal as well! Short and sweet videos

jam packed with all things family, holidays, DITL, hauls and so much more! One thing that sets Mrs Shelly Sus from the rest is that she always lets her personality shine through!! I love this because as much as I love to hear about the family, I want and need to relate. Her videos inspire me to take much needed time for myself and to enjoy a cocktail or two at the end of the busy busy day! It feels like both channels are always encouraging me to be my best self and we are all in this together!!!